Case Study - Considering a Stop Loss Offering?

Medical Risk Managers, Inc.



Are you a Health Plan considering offering Stop Loss?  If so, you are not alone.  Many Health Plans are
finding they need to offer Stop Loss as a defense mechanism to retain network enrollment and
administration.  Here’s a true story that we’d like to help you replicate! 

In early 2005 MRM was approached by a large multi-site Health Plan to assist them in entering the stop
loss market.  By late 2005 MRM had helped them create and file a competitive stop loss policy,
complete their rate filings, and start writing stop loss!  With MRM’s expertise in network evaluations, we 
were able to properly price every location of the Health Plan, and underwrite accordingly.  That Health
Plan started out taking a relatively small portion of the risk.  As a result of successfully writing profitable
business in the first couple of years, the Health Plan gradually increased their risk retention and
ultimately ended up taking 100% of the risk.  By the end of 8 years doing business with this Health Plan,
we had written a very nice $46Million block and everyone was happy with the results, including….  THE
ASO CARRIER WHO BOUGHT THEM!  It was a really nice run for the Health Plan!  A big blow to MRM
when the Health Plan was bought.  But certainly a wonderful reflection of MRM’s expertise in growing
profitable stop loss business for Health Plans!   

So I ask again.  Are you a Health Plan considering offering Stop Loss?  We welcome the opportunity to
help you.  Please visit our website at   We’re tried and true!

Jennifer C. Unsworth
Sr. Vice President 
Mktg. & Bus. Devel. 
Medical Risk Managers