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600183_About VAL Health - Health Plans.pdf

VAL Health is the leading health-related behavioral economics consulting firm. We use proven science, pioneered by our academic co-founders, enhanced with our real-world experience, to tackle the hardest problems in health care.

VAL Health_Achieving Telemedicine Adoption Using Behavioral Economics_050218.pdf

VAL Health shares how organizations can achieve successful telemedicine adoption by applying behavioral economics principles.

VAL Health Digital Health.pdf

We live in an increasingly digital and connected world. With nearly 90% of American adults accessing the internet and 77% owning smartphones, it?s no surprise that digital tools pervade nearly every industry from transportation to banking to food delivery. However, one industry, health, is lagging behind.

VAL Health Digital Health Engagement.pdf

A NIH funded study completed by VAL Health to measure the impact of the VAL Health Rewards behavioral economics-based incentives on a digital tobacco cessation program. The result? The control group had a 17% program completion rate and the VAL Health intervention group had 54% program completion.

VAL Health Digital Health Engagement.pdf

While standard, transactional economics comes from the view that the most influential feature of an incentive is its size, VAL Health's incentive programs are designed from the evidence that the most important feature of an incentive program is its design.



From a deep dive into Medicare Advantage (MA) product design and marketing strategy to major wins and lessons learned in risk adjustment, quality and member engagement, Alliance members share how they are differentiating themselves in their marketplace and serving their beneficiaries.