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Director of Pricing & Underwriting

Responsible for evaluating risk in the marketplace and developing appropriate pricing for the risk on all prospective and current members. This includes commercially insured small (2-50 employees) and large (51+ employees) employers, in both the fully-insuredand self-funded areas and individual products, both commercial and Medicare. Analyze various ad hoc financial aspects of commercial and/or individual groups/plans and researches product performance. The Pricing and Underwriting Department provides actuarialanalysis, new business premium rates, renewal premium rates, and large case analysis designed to achieve long-term profitable membership growth. The "assess, plan, implement, monitor" methodology enables Pricing and Underwriting and Health Alliance MedicalPlans to incorporate services into value-added solutions for employers, members, Joint Venture partners, and providers.

Time:  Full time
Salary:  Salary
Category:  Finance

Updated: 2/14/2020 7:36:42 AM

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Tracy Loschen

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