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Director of Client Services

SUMMARY: The Director of Client Services & Consumer Sales is responsible for facilitating the integration of the sales, operations and service functions of Avera Insurance Division. This position is responsible for the retention of Avera Insurance Division clients and members and provides leadership to the sales department for new sales on-boarding. The Director of Client Services & Consumer Sales is the liaison between the operational functions of Avera Insurance Division and the outward facing group and customer experience departments. This position develops and maintains a full understanding of the health plan sales, operations, service and other administrative functions and leverages this expertise in an external facing leadership role with clients.


1. Meet and exceed the annual retention targets for Avera Insurance Division product lines and in support of the Sales Department, meet and exceed the annual sales targets for Avera Insurance Division consumer products.
2. Provide and develop initiatives to support strategies for growth of the Individual and Medicare Products. Partner with Marketing to leverage Avera Health in execution of these strategies.
3. Knowledge of state and federal regulatory issues and requirements necessary to carry out departmental responsibilities. This includes working in collaboration with Compliance to ensure the Insurance Division is within regulatory guidelines and providing accurate information to our clients, members and agents.
4. Responsible for developing policies and procedures necessary for the administration of group contracts and renewal processes.
5. Develop and execute on plans for outstanding service by Avera Insurance Division as measured by client retention, CAHPS, internal/external survey responses and compliance metrics.
6. In conjunction with department directors, develop, execute and monitor sales and service integration goals, objectives and work plans including but not limited to:
a. New business onboarding of group and consumer products
b. Annual renewal process for group and consumer products
c. Monitoring of automation opportunities to enhance service experience

7. Actively develop and maintain relationships with top 50 Avera Insurance Division clients by revenue & membership.
8. Attend appropriate community events, conferences, seminars and charitable fundraising events to provide visibility of Avera Insurance Division as well as creating opportunities to engage with current clients.
9. Direct operational aspects of agent services to include:
a. Appointment and Termination of agents
b. Distribution compliance around licensing, training requirements, policy adherence, as well as E&O coverage
c. Establish and review policies for distribution channels
d. Support agent training programs, agent manuals, annual training and new agent training
10. Effectively manage vendor relationships for the Quote Avera portal and Salesforce.

• Bachelor’s degree in related field with a working knowledge of the insurance industry is required
• At least 5 years of extensive experience in related field required and managerial experience preferred.

Time:  Full time
Salary:  Salary
Category:  Marketing/sales/product development

Updated: 9/14/2021 4:08:08 PM

Job Contact:
Jordan Anderson

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