Alliance health plan strategic support

Today’s health plan executive teams are leading their organizations through a uniquely challenging environment, and must make critical organizational, workforce, and partnership decisions against a backdrop of constant regulatory updates and with profound market forces at work.  The Health Plan Alliance senior leadership team supports our member health plan leadership teams in multiple ways.  If we can help your organization, contact us today to start a conversation.

Executive and interim management search assistance 

With our mission to connect people to people, and people to information, the Alliance team is uniquely positioned to make meaningful recommendations to support executive searches.


Board of Directors 

If you’re looking for an outside board member who can bring deep knowledge and a unique perspective of the health care industry, consider the Health Plan Alliance leadership team or other health plan executives as a resource pool.

The Health Plan Alliance is truly committed to its members. This is demonstrated by Health Plan Alliance leaders who work directly with the members’ Board of Trustees. This is value added at the highest level. 

--Drew Rector, EVP/Chief Strategy Officer/Health First, Acting CEO/Health First Health Plans

Planning, facilitation or presentation support for a Board of Directors or Senior Management meeting

Consider inviting the Alliance to participate in your next Board or Senior Leadership team retreat or strategic meeting. Our team stands ready to bring a great deal to these gatherings, including:

  • An understanding of industry trends, particularly those most impacting provider-sponsored health plans 
  • Familiarity with strategic focus of other Alliance member plan leadership teams, and ability to connect your stakeholders with your Alliance peers, to support your teams’ additional research into proposed initiatives or projects already underway.
  • Focused discussion facilitation 
  • Deep knowledge of the vendor space and the ability to offer external resources for vendor referrals and customer experience testimonials. 

Key leaders across all operational areas within Providence Health Plan came together for a focused, strategic workshop with the goal to ‘push pause’ on the daily grind, and take a step back as a team and ask ourselves, ‘What is preventing our team from doing what we need to do?  How do we remove those barriers so we can accomplish our goals?’  The Alliance team participated in the day, both presenting an overview of industry trends and engaging with our staff in intense working group sessions.  The Alliance team shared great insights and followed up with additional resources to support our tea members’ take away items and next steps.

--Mike Cotton, CEO, Providence Health Plan