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Health Plan Alliance


General Guidelines 

  • Use "Health Plan Alliance" on first reference and "Alliance on secondary references.
  • Note: We do not use the acronym "HPA" to describe our organization
  • Terms and phrases such as "preferred," "endorsed," etc. are prohibited except for the phrase "Preferred Business Sponsor" when referencing your organization's participation in the Alliance Preferred Business Sponsor program.

I want to promote our sponsorship on our website

This benefit is reserved for Preferred Business Sponsors. Preferred Business Sponsors are welcome to use the logos provided here on your website. Please email us an example of how our logo or name will be used on your website for review/approval. If using the Health Plan Alliance logo, we recommend linking to our homepage. If using the Preferred Business Sponsor logo, we recommend linking to the Preferred Business Sponsor page on our website.

I want to disseminate a press release

You may use the following boilerplate for the Alliance in your press release: 

The Health Plan Alliance is a national organization that brings provider-sponsored and independently owned health plans together with their health system and provider group leaders for unparalleled peer-to-peer collaboration. For more than 20 years, Health Plan Alliance members have leveraged the collective knowledge of our community to enhance their business acumen and advance the quality of health care delivery in their communities. For more information, visit

Please email us a copy of your press release for review before it is disseminated.

I want to promote our sponsorship on our social media channels

Mentioning and Following the Health Plan Alliance

We encourage you to follow our social media accounts. We are on LinkedIn and Twitter. You may also @mention the Health Plan Alliance in any social media post.

LinkedIn: @Health Plan Alliance

Twitter: @HlthPlnAlliance

Hashtag: #WorkingTogether

Vendor Spotlight Webinars
You may promote your webinar on social media. The Alliance staff can provide you a link that you can use in your post. You may create an image for your post. Please email us your post copy and image for review before posting.

In-person meetings
If sponsoring or speaking at an Alliance in-person meeting, the Alliance has social media images you can use to promote your participation and/or speaking session. Each in-person meeting has its own hashtag you can use in your post as well. Please email us if you are interested in this opportunity.

Preferred Business Sponsors
You may promote that you are a preferred business sponsor on social media. You may use the following social media message and image or craft your own. If crafting your own, please email us your post copy and/or image for review before posting.

Download the Alliance Preferred Business Sponsor Social Media image

<Company Name> is a proud <Tier> Sponsor of the Health Plan Alliance for 2021. The service these 45+ regional, provider-sponsored health plans provide their communities by #WorkingTogether is invaluable and we're happy to support them.




Health Plan Alliance Logo

Preferred Business Sponsor Logo

Preferred Business Sponsor Social Media Image


2022 Meeting Social Media Images and Hashtags

  • Fly-In: Network Innovations Supporting the "Quadruple Aim" of Healthcare

  • Value Visit: Sales and Marketing

  • Value Visit: Operational Excellence and the Evolution of IT

  • Value Visit: Population Health for Government-Sponsored Health Plans

  • Value Visit: Member Experience & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Fall Leadership Forum 2022