Health Plan Alliance Announces the Launch of its 2022 Vendor Accountability Initiative

Health Plan Alliance


The Health Plan Alliance (Alliance), is pleased to announce the launch of its 2022 Vendor Accountability Initiative, which will expand its rich database of vendors, and members' experiences with those vendors, to support Alliance member health plans with their vetting, procurement and vendor management efforts.

About the Vendor Accountability Initiative

We have heard from Alliance member health plans that it is beneficial for the Alliance to provide a resource of vendors used by member health plans to help them make smarter decisions. 

The Alliance vendor database provides a rich repository of vendor information, enabling Alliance member health plans to:

  • Tap into a database of vendors used for nineteen categories and see their performance ratings
  • Obtain contacts at health plans who you can contact to discuss their experience with the vendor
  • ID potential vendors for RFP/RFI distribution
  • ID plans who are on similar purchasing cycles
  • Use it to negotiate contracts

Guided by a health plan member-led committee, the Alliance has strived to make the vendor information data collection process as simple as possible. Each Alliance health plan member is asked to respond to a survey asking for vendors used and other information about their experience including services provided by the vendor, buying cycle, rating (would you recommend), and spending amount. It is not a small task for health plans to provide this  information, but the value to each Alliance member health plan will far outweigh the effort of providing this input.

Know that if you have been asked to provide some or part of this vendor information, we appreciate the support you are providing!

Request a Vendor Accountability Initiative Query 
The Alliance currently houses vendor information collected over the last several years. Alliance members interested in a query of this database may reach out to Mallory Willett,