MCOL offers webinar on Access Transformation Techniques, June 27, 2017



MCOL, a leading publisher of health care business information, is offering a webinar on Access Transformation Techniques for Medical Groups & Healthcare Systems, June 27, 2017 at Noon ET. Individuals can register for the event by visiting

Patient access is a fundamental strategy that is vital for a healthcare system's success in both a volume and value based world. It is the core metric that bridges both models. This presentation will focus on applying access transformation best practices through case studies and potential application scenarios:

1: Overview of how access is a core strategy to maintain and strengthen between a volume and value based world
   o Review access trends 
   o Discuss how access impacts market position
   o Outline how access vital to a value based strategy 

2: Access Transformation Case Studies - We will focus on learning access transformation best practices from peers.

3: How to Apply Lessons Learned - We will focus on practical access applications of industry techniques and how they can be applied to healthcare through leveraging processes, technology, or people to:
   o Enhance engagement experience 
   o Maximize throughput/revenue
   o Leverage cost/capital infrastructure

The presentation will be led by BDC Advisors' Craig Ahrens, MHA, MBA, Alan E. London, MD, and David Fairchild, MD.


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