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Description of Services: Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. provides technology-driven healthcare engagement through multimodal communications. As an industry leader, Clarity assists clients to optimize customer relationships by enhancing flexibility and control over the management and delivery of their communications. With their Accelerate Member Engagement® offering, consultative services are provided to enhance welcome and plan lifecycle correspondence, driving increased participation in member activities and benefits. Clarity's custom solutions are built within secure web-based technology, are easy to use, and allow a single communication to be published to any media type – print, web, mobile, or email.

Primary Service: Marketing/Member Materials
Secondary Service: Automation, Workflow and IT Services

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92 Wall St #1
Madison, CT 06443
(203) 453-3999

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Next-Generation Member Engagement
Every member touchpoint offers an opportunity for healthcare organizations to connect, engage, and make members feel valued, driving health outcomes and retention. With consumers expecting more from their plans than ever before, and with new technologies paving the way, now is the time for payers to evolve and shift to next-generation member engagement. Find out what that is and how to take your engagement to the next level using transactional touchpoints to reach members when and where they're already listening.


Clarity Earns Prestigious Recognition in the 2023 Marcum Tech Top 40
Clarity has been named to the 2023 Marcum Tech Top 40, an annual awards program recognizing Connecticut's fastest growing technology and life sciences companies.


Driving Portal Registration Case Study
Find out how a leading health plan increased portal registrations 136% and drove significant ROI with Clarity's data-driven Accelerate Member Engagement (AME) solution.


Tapping Your Untapped Engagement Advantage
Members are increasingly demanding that the interactions they have with their health plans be timely, relevant, and convenient. In response, payers should capitalize on this opportunity by ensuring they are optimizing their existing member communication channels to be as effective as possible. This white paper explores engagement best practices from hyper-personalization to omni-channel communications that members respond to.


Accelerate Member Engagement eBook
Your members are already listening. What should you be telling them? This guide will help payers effectively engage members and deepen relationships by optimizing communications they are already sending and paying for.


7 Member Actions That Drive ROI for Health Plans
This ebook explores how engagement intersects with health plan performance measures and outlines seven high-value, high-impact member activities and benefits that make for happier, healthier members and save money and boost ROI for payers.


Recording: Optimize Your Member Engagement
During this video presentation, you will hear how Clarity can help you create a strategic member engagement calendar to get the most value from the communications you send to members throughout the year.


7 Member Engagement Strategies for Health Plans
How Omnichannel Communications Make Members and Health Plans Healthier: Google the word 'engagement,' and you'll get over 400 million hits. Forbes says customer engagement is the direct route to every important business objective, and a perusal of C-Suite-focused publications and websites shows that across industries, business leaders, and particularly those in the healthcare sector, agree.


Accelerate Member Engagement
In this document, you will learn how Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. accelerates member engagement for healthcare organizations nationwide. Clarity provides industry-leading SaaS technology and consultative services to enhance ID Cards, EOBs, Member Guides, and other welcome and plan lifecycle correspondence.


Presentation: Transform Existing Member Communications to Accelerate Member Engagement
Clarity shares how they are helping healthcare organizations nationwide achieve up to an overall lift of 50% in member engagement via their existing member communication spend on welcome letters, member guides, EOBs, 1095s and more. CDPHP shares their experience partnering with Clarity and you'll see firsthand how Clarity's strategic experiments and robust data dashboards are driving member engagement and next best actions.