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Description of Services: Ciox’s leading clinical data platform leverages the industry’s most extensive clinical data network, data orchestration engine and data intelligence layer, helping to improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs. Ciox simply and securely connects healthcare decision makers with the data and hidden insights in patient medical records.

Primary Service: Automation, Workflow and IT Services
Secondary Service: Administrative Systems

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925 North Point Parkway
Suite 350
Alpharetta, GA 30005

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Company Brochure: Ciox Health - Managing and Exchanging Health Information
Ciox Health shares ways to facilitate and improve the management and exchange of protected health information.


Presentation: Leveraging the Newly Enhanced CIOX Health Network
This webinar will discuss the challenges that occurred during the recent seasons, how CIOX Health is addressing those challenges and improving processes, and how you can improve your project results by leveraging the newly enhanced CIOX Health network.


CIOX Health By the Numbers Overview
CIOX Health By the Numbers Overview