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Year Licensed: 1985
Accreditation Type: ,
Number of Employees: 1365
Health Plan Profit Status: Not-for-profit tax exempt,
Health Plan Tax Status:

Alliance Company Type: Partner
Alliance Member Since: 4/1/2006
Alliance Shareholder Since:
CMS Regional Office: Region 2


MetroPlusHealth to Provide Health Insurance Coverage and Comprehensive Care Management to Over 1,000 New York City Youth in Foster Care and VFCAs
MetroPlusHealth, New York City’s five-star rated health plan, announced today that children and youth placed in foster care under Voluntary Foster Care Agencies (VFCAs) with 29-I licenses will now receive access to quality health care through MetroPlusHealth and other Medicaid Managed Care Plans.


MetroPlusHealth Ranked New York City’s Highest-rated Health Plan
MetroPlus Health Plan announced today that it has been ranked New York City’s highest-rated health plan, according to the New York State Department of Health’s 2020 Consumer’s Guide to Medicaid and Child Health Plus Managed Care Plans in New York City, the annual rating of managed care plans on quality of care delivered and members’ satisfaction with the care and services they receive.


Bain and Amazon partner with NYC insurer to support vulnerable members
Insurer MetroPlus collaborated with consulting firm Bain & Company and Amazon Web Services to create a chatbot solution that helps connect vulnerable members to social services in the midst of the pandemic.


Julie Myers, M.D., M.P.H., Appointed Associate Medical Director of MetroPlus Health Plan’s Partnership in Care (PIC) Special Needs Plan
Myers, a recognized national expert in HIV prevention, previously served as Director of HIV Prevention in the Bureau of HIV at NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)


MetroPlus Health Plan Redesigns Its Website to Support Members and Be Mobile Focused
User-friendly and easier to navigate, the new MetroPlus home page features clear and simple buttons linking to pages dedicated to members, providers, a selection of health insurance products, and a direct link to the expanded MetroPlus services in the GOOD4YOU pages.


‘360 support with whatever they need,’ MetroPlus Health’s new leader outlines plan to help combat breast cancer
“As an insurer we somewhat go against the current,” said Dr. Tayla Schwartz, president and CEO of MetroPlus Health Plan, which covers over half a million New Yorkers. “We want to focus on vulnerable populations that need health care, the populations that need support..."


NYC Health + Hospitals’ CEO and President Dr. Mitchell Katz’s TEDMED Talk Debuts Online
Dr. Katz's talk focuses on the erroneous assumptions made about patients and their resources, which ultimately affect their ability to not only access healthcare, but to adhere to medications and a lifestyle that is conducive to their overall health.


MetroPlus Health Plan Announces Partnership with PAWS NY to Provide Members with Supports to Keep Their Pets at Home
PAWS NY's network of more than 2,100 trained volunteers visits clients in their homes to provide services that make it possible for them to continue experiencing the many physical and psychological health benefits of animal companionship – a mission that is closely aligned to the health plan’s focus on addressing the social determinants of health.


Amanda Parsons, M.D., Appointed Deputy Chief Medical Officer of MetroPlus Health Plan
“We believe that she is supremely qualified to support Dr. Sanjiv S. Shah, who was appointed Chief Medical Officer last month, in providing the leadership we need to continue ensuring our members receive the excellent health services they deserve, and that they continue to rank us among the top plans in quality and patient satisfaction,” said Talya Schwartz, M.D., MetroPlus President and Chief Executive Officer.


Sanjiv S. Shah, M.D., Appointed Chief Medical Officer of MetroPlus Health Plan
"We are confident Dr. Shah is the visionary leader we need to continue ensuring our members receive the excellent health services they deserve and continue to rank us among the top in quality and patient satisfaction,” said MetroPlus Board Chair Sally Hernandez-Pinero.