10 Ragsdale Drive
Monterey, CA, 93940



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Year Licensed: 2013
Accreditation Type: Other,
Number of Employees: 101
Health Plan Profit Status: Not-for-profit tax exempt, Taxable
Health Plan Tax Status: Taxable

Alliance Company Type: Partner
Alliance Member Since: 4/1/2014
Alliance Shareholder Since:
CMS Regional Office: Region 9


Making connections with seniors in times of isolation
During the pandemic Aspire Health Plan representatives have made more than 4,000 calls to members to check on their needs, prioritized by vulnerability and health risk for complications due to COVID-19.


BLOG: Marketing to MA: How to stand out and win over members
Medicare Advantage (MA) annual enrollment period (AEP) for 2019 opens in less than 90 days! Scott R Kelly, VP, COO, Aspire Health Plan shares his top three marketing challenges going into AEP, and invites Alliance members to swap their marketing collateral samples with their peers and collaborate with him at the upcoming Government Programs Value Visit.