300 Madison Avenue, Suite 270
Toledo, OH, 43604



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Year Licensed: 1988
Accreditation Type: NCQA,
Number of Employees: 787
Health Plan Profit Status: For profit taxable,
Health Plan Tax Status:

Alliance Company Type: Shareholder
Alliance Member Since: 4/1/1997
Alliance Shareholder Since:
CMS Regional Office: Region 5


Paramount Health Care cuts costs in its Medicaid Managed Care Program
"Medicaid is really one division of our overall company, but it had grown to be such a big piece, so we really felt we needed to balance our portfolio a little bit better," said President of ProMedica Insurance Corporation, Lori Johnston.


Paramount Heath Care and Pulse8 present joint case study at Health Plan Alliance Value Visit
The information shared is critical for those looking to gain efficiencies and reduce provider abrasion by integrating the gap closure initiatives of both the Risk Adjustment and Quality Improvement teams.


ProMedica Health System to become $7B company with planned HCR ManorCare acquisition
Ohio-based ProMedica Health System, which is affiliated with Paramount Health Care, has announced plans to acquire HCR ManorCare, the second largest post-acute and long-term care provider in the U.S. If finalized, the deal would make ProMedica the 15th-largest health system in the U.S. with $7 billion in annual revenue.


ProMedica/Paramount officials swap roles
ProMedica's Chief Information Technology Officer and the president of Paramount Health Care, Inc., will exchange jobs effective March 1, the health system announced Tuesday.


Paramount Health Care Signs Deal to Acquire Indiana-Based Dental Benefit Provider
Paramount has signed an agreement to acquire Indiana-based dental benefit provider Dental Health Options by Health Resources, Inc. (HRI).