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Year Licensed: 1993
Accreditation Type: ,
Number of Employees: 452
Health Plan Profit Status: For profit taxable,
Health Plan Tax Status:

Alliance Company Type: Shareholder
Alliance Member Since: 4/1/2008
Alliance Shareholder Since: 4/1/2008
CMS Regional Office: Region 9


Prominence Health Plan ACOs Saved Medicare $84.7 million in 2020
Prominence Health Plan, a subsidiary of Universal Health Services (NYSE: UHS), reports that in 2020, its seven Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) combined to save Medicare $84.7 million, resulting in over $50 million in earnings for its 3,000 participating physicians and an average quality score of 98%.


UHS ACOs Saved Medicare $65.2 million in 2018
Prominence Health Plan, a subsidiary of Universal Health Services (UHS), announced the 2018 results of its seven UHS Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) showing a continued trend of increased cost savings and improved quality.


Health plans, including Prominence Health Plan, and big tech firms to test Blue Button implementation guide
About a dozen health plans will join Apple, Google and Microsoft to test a new private sector implementation guide for Blue Button 2.0. The Blue Button 2.0 project provides more than 53 million Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries with access to their electronic claims information, and CMS wants private health plans to follow their lead in sharing claims information with consumers.


Prominence Health Plan team sets course record at Reno Tahoe Odyssey
The Prominence Health Plan team comprised of elite runners set a course record for the 178-mile relay race that started in Reno on Friday, went around Lake Tahoe and back to Reno through Carson City and Virginia City and ended at Idlewild Park on Saturday morning.


Prominence Health opens new Carson City Care Center
The new facility is accessible to plan members through the Carson City School District, as well as Prominence Medicare Advantage Members.


Prominence Health Plan Invests in Primary Care
Nevada-based Prominence Health Plan has partnered with Vera Whole Health to launch primary care centers for their members to improve the quality and cost of care by integrating key services such as behavioral health treatment and health coaching.


Prominence Health Plan association health plan gains foothold with Nevada members
With members struggling to meet health insurance costs, some Nevada business and trade groups have begun offering discounted policies as one big bloc through a product known as an association health plan.


Prominence Health Plan and Vera Whole Health Partner to Change How Health Care is Delivered
In a first of its kind collaboration that transforms how primary care is delivered to its members, Prominence Health Plan is partnering with Vera Whole Health to integrate care delivery into Medicare Advantage and select employer group health plans.


Payers Partner with Trade Orgs to Roll Out Association Health Plans
Healthcare payers, like Prominence Health Plan, are partnering with trade organizations and local chambers of commerce to provide small businesses with association health plans.