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Description of Services: Transforming Lives Through Data
We believe the future of healthcare lies in your data. By combining sophisticated analytics with the know-how to act on them, MedeAnalytics helps you see the connections—between payer and provider, cost and quality, and good business and better healthcare.

Primary Service: Enterprise Data
Secondary Service: Automation, Workflow and IT Services

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501 President George W Bush Highway
Suite 250
Richardson, TX 75080

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Article: Gamification in healthcare only works if you can measure it
MedeAnalytics discusses how health plans can use gamification to better serve their members.


Article: You’re asking too much of your EHR
MedeAnaltyics shares how true healthcare analytics that pulls data from an EHR can help health plans.


Article: How Predictive Analytics Can Improve Social Determinants of Health Implementation
MedeAnalytics shares its thoughts on how health plans can bring together healthcare and data analytics organizations to improve the health and wellness of all community members.


Article: COVID-19 affected risk scores and quality outcomes
MedeAnalytics shares how leaning on data analytics to do the heavy lifting to predict utilization and cost trends, moving forward becomes much easier and the potential outcomes—financial, operational, and clinical—more reliable.


Brochure: Mede/Analytics - Enterprise Analytics for commercial payers
Many health plans recognize the value of analytics in value-based care, but data silos and disparate systems often get in the way. With MedeAnalytics Enterprise Analytics, you can unlock your data's hidden potential with a single platform to deliver timely, trustworthy insights across departments and throughout the healthcare ecosystem.


Brochure: Payer Quality Management - Improve Your Quality Measure Performance
The continued shift to value-based care has placed a greater emphasis on quality improvement across the healthcare ecosystem. Managing the data to support these initiatives can be overwhelming. MedeAnalytics Quality Management helps you deliver value, bringing plan performance into greater focus throughout the year, increasing reimbursement potential and strengthening your planâ??s reputation.


Brochure: Collaborate with ACO Partners in Population Health - Value Based Performance
With the shift to value-based care, achieving healthy outcomes is a key priority. Without analytics to stratify and identify high-risk, high-cost patients, interventions are often guided by guesswork or inaccurate historical data. MedeAnalytics Population Health aggregates clinical and claims data to identify and understand at-risk populations, enhance care management and engagement, and align providers with health plan goals - ultimately enhancing population health and value-based care initiatives.


Brochure: Improve HEDIS® Reporting with Analytics - 7 Best Practices
As today's healthcare landscape continues to evolve and as value-based care models arise, healthcare quality plays a key role in the success of any health plan. This shift has prompted new collaboration among payers and providers as they work to improve quality outcomes, boost patient satisfaction, and reduce costs. Together, they can achieve shared quality and value-based performance goals - leading to higher HEDIS® scores, improved quality rankings, and healthier members.