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Description of Services: For more than 20 years, ConnectureDRX has been developing innovative and compliant Medicare shopping/enrollment and drug transparency technologies, unparalleled distribution networks, and actionable healthcare insights that contribute directly to our customers’ growth.

We offer solutions for every touchpoint in the Member Journey, helping health plans deliver a more holistic and personalized member experience. From Acquisition to Engagement to Retention, members navigate plans more effectively. Carriers see lower disenrollment, receive more favorable CAHPS responses and watch Star ratings rise. Visit or email for more information.

Primary Service: Automation, Workflow and IT Services
Secondary Service: Enterprise Data

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1433 N Water St.
Suite 400
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Target Members with the Right Rx Data and Elevate Star Ratings
Improving Star Ratings and maintaining high ratings can be very difficult as every year the quality thresholds increase. And now, CMS made improving the customer experience a performance imperative for health plans that will significantly impact health plan rebates in 2023. As a result, there will be a notable and increasing emphasis on medication adherence, member engagement and member retention. Finding the right holistic approach to improving health plan performance and the quality of care delivered to beneficiaries requires a concentrated effort, including using the right tools. Here we will demonstrate how therapeutic interchange can improve Star Ratings by helping to increase one of the most critical performance criteria - medication adherence.


Solutions for the Member Journey - Impact on Star Ratings
Today, health plans are faced with the challenge of achieving outcomes based on quality, performance and member experience, measures that influence Star ratings. As such, the pressure is on health plans to create and deliver an optimal customer experience for the member journey. We begin with acquisition. Then we journey to member engagement until we reach life-long customer retention. Each area has its own challenges that require the right tools and data to deliver positive outcomes. Here you will learn about the solutions for each touchpoint in the member journey.


Health Plan Solutions Improve the Member Experience
ConnectureDRX provides insights on how health plans can improve the member journey.


Brochure: The Connecture Story - Helping every Medicare consumer find their best fit plan
Connecture is the most widely adopted Medicare shopping and enrollment solution in the U.S. For nearly two decades, Connecture technology has connected health insurance carriers and brokers to vital health plan data to help grow and scale their businesses with the goals of simplifying the selling of plans, demystifying Medicare and ultimately enrolling millions of consumers every year in their best fit plans.


Presentation: Optimize the Broker Role in the Small Group Market
Joe Fenney, VP Sales with Connecture, goes through a checklist of technological and infrastructure requirements to support the role of the broker in an expanding small group market. This presentation took place on September 19, 2018 during the Broker Strategy Fly-in held in the Alliance's offices.