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Description of Services: emocha uses video technology and human engagement to empower patients to take every dose of medication as prescribed. emocha facilitates a daily touchpoint for patients in order to expand access to treatment, extend the reach of existing care teams, and retain patients in care. Our turnkey, enterprise adherence solution operates through dose-by-dose observation and clinical assessment of potential administration problems, including technique and side effects. Coupled with daily engagement, support, and incentives, emocha is the first holistic solution to medication non-adherence.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, emocha has rapidly pivoted its product and services to monitor exposed healthcare professionals for symptoms and to assist employers, municipalities, and schools in return-to-work planning. Our new COVID-19 service -- based on our work in Ebola with the State of Maryland -- enables users to easily track their symptoms and temperature through virtual check-ins, providing links through resources and color-coded digital badges indicating status. While we have continued to modify our product to meet customers’ needs, we retain our commitment to human engagement as the cornerstone of our service.

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916 N. Charles Street
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Baltimore, MD 21201

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Presentation: Rapid Adoption of Remote Screening & Symptoms Monitoring in a Global Pandemic: the Future of Remote Patient Monitoring
emocha Health provides their response to the global coronavirus pandemic. Working with Johns Hopkins Medicine, emocha implemented a remote symptoms screening and monitoring service to identify, manage, and escalate COVID-19 symptoms. Initially launched at all Johns Hopkins affiliated hospitals for more than 38,000 healthcare workers, the program now manages Return-to-Work programs for hospitals and health systems, municipalities, public health departments, and private sector employers across the country.


Recording: Rapid Adoption of Remote Screening & Symptoms Monitoring in a Global Pandemic: the Future of Remote Patient Monitoring
This video describes how the lessons of the coronavirus pandemic have translated into emocha’s remote monitoring and digital adherence programs within the context of acute, chronic, and infectious diseases through asynchronous video technology, and the shift in regulatory requirements that have changed the landscape of healthcare.


Brochure: Company Overview
emocha is a digital adherence program that integrates the power of people & technology to address the root causes of medication non-adherence. emocha has implemented a remote monitoring service during COVID-19 to identify symptoms, minimize risk, prevent further exposures, and enable an effective and strategic return-to-work strategy.


Remote Patient Monitoring
Patients use the emocha Health mobile app to chronicle symptoms, temperature, medication adherence, side effects, and check in with a provider or emochaâ??s team of nurses, healthcare workers, and adherence specialists. CMS now allows remote patient monitoring under general supervision, meaning that physician extenders can perform Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services under physician supervision, but from a different location.