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Description of Services: Lark is the world's largest A.I. healthcare provider, having served nearly 2 million patients suffering from or at risk of chronic and behavioral health conditions. Lark partners with some of the largest national health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, and self-insured employers in the country to deliver integrated, accessible, and effective solutions at scale. Founded by CEO Julia Hu in 2011, Lark has received numerous accolades, most recently being named as one of the 2019 CB Insights Digital Health 150, a quarterfinalist in the 2020 UCSF digital health awards, and one of Fierce Healthcare's 2020 Fierce 15.

Lark's smartphone-based platform leverages conversational AI, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and smart connected devices to drive lasting member behavior change and clinically significant outcomes. Lark currently offers four programs: Prevention, Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), Diabetes Care, and Hypertension Care. All of Lark’s programs include unlimited, 24 x 7 access to one-on-one AI coaching, augmented by nutrition, sleep, activity, and biometric logging features, condition-specific and goal-specific educational curricula, in-app screeners, surveys, and escalations, and optional tobacco cessation and behavioral health modules.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Condition Management, Population Health, Virtual Care, Chronic Care, Diabetes, Diabetes Prevention, Hypertension, Wellness, Prevention

Primary Service: Automation, Workflow and IT Services
Secondary Service: Utilization/Care/Disease Management

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Lark Hypertension and AI Study
A hypertension care program with coaching powered by AI was associated with a clinically meaningful reduction in SBP following 3 and 6 months of program participation. An AI-powered solution may offer a scalable approach to helping individuals with hypertension, achieve clinically meaningful reductions in their BP and associated risk of cardiovascular disease, and other serious adverse outcomes via healthy lifestyle changes such as weight loss.


Lark Diabetes Prevention Program and AI Study
The National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) reduces diabetes incidence and associated medical costs but is typically staffing-intensive, limiting scalability. We evaluated an alternative delivery method with 3933 members of a program powered by conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Lark DPP which has full recognition from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The AI-powered DPP facilitated weight loss and maintenance commensurate with outcomes of other digital and in-person programs not powered by AI. Beyond CDC lesson completion, engaging with AI coaching and frequent weighing increased the likelihood of achieving â?¥5% weight loss. An AI-powered program is an effective method to deliver the DPP in a scalable, resource-efficient manner to keep pace with the prediabetes epidemic.


Recording: How Digital Care Can Fill The Care Access Gap
Lark Health and Kentucky Medicaid dive into how the use of digital care solutions, including AI, can boost health plans' digital strategy, help improve their member's experience and outcomes and help to close the care access gap.


Presentation: How Digital Care Can Fill The Care Access Gap
Join Lark Health and Kentucky Medicaid as they dive into how the use of digital care solutions, including AI, can boost health plans' digital strategy, help improve their member's experience and outcomes and help to close the care access gap.


Presentation: Shark Tank! Lark Health
Innovative clinical solutions providers compete in a real-live shark tank environment. A fun and engaging way to wrap up the day.


Study: Lark Health A.I. Increases Care Access to HPSA and Rural Areas
Lark Health recently published a study in Population Health Management that shows its digital Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) increased access for individuals living in rural and federally designated Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs). Of Lark's sample population, 93.3 percent were living in either partial- or whole-county HPSAs. Participants with available weight data achieved an average 9.1 pound weight loss while using the Lark DPP. To read the study online please visit:


55 Million Series C & Anthem BCBS Partnership
In this article Lark Health announces it has closed a $55 million Series C funding round led by King River Capital, as well as a $15 million venture debt credit facility with Trinity Capital and Bridge Bank. The round also includes new investors Franklin Templeton, SteelSky Ventures, and Olive Tree Capital; and existing Lark investors Lightspeed Ventures, Asset Management Ventures, Dr. Jonathan Fielding of UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, and Weili Dai, co-founder of Marvell. Lark has raised a total of over $100 million in equity and debt funding to date.


Feature for Connected Diabetes Care- Nature Partners Journal (NPJ)
Please read in this article about a care team-based classification and population management schema for connected diabetes care.


FierceHealthcare- Fierce 15
Read how Lark Health is a winner of FierceHealthcare's Fierce 15 awards.


Lark for Hypertension Reduces Risk of Stroke After Just 6 Months
Read Lark Health results of a joint analysis that shows the benefits of real-time coaching through artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with a connected home blood pressure monitoring device for controlling hypertension.