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Description of Services: Engagys is the leading healthcare consumer engagement consulting and research firm.

Primary Service: Consulting
Secondary Service: Enterprise Data

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78 Blanchard Road
Burlington, MA 01803

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Brochure: Company Overview
Engagys has worked with dozens of healthcare clients who face daunting consumer engagement challenges – poor consumer satisfaction, rising costs of engagement, inadequate and siloed systems. Where to begin? That’s where Engagys comes in. We help prioritize change initiatives in context of impact and ease of implementation. We include a list of “quick win” design and policy opportunities which can be implemented in six months or less allowing you to generate early financial returns that can help fund longer-term improvements.


Recording: Transforming your digital experience from the inside out
As part of the Member Experience Learning Collaborative, the CDPHP member engagement team and their vendor partner Engagys share their transition from a physical/print environment to a primarily digital communication platform. Learn how they built their business case and funded the transition.