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Description of Services: HighRoads is a provider of sales-enabling product data management solutions. Our platform, P2A, is a purpose-built solution that automates complex product-related processes and creates a single source of truth for product data that is integrated across the enterprise. Our customers can effectively create, manage, and go to market faster with highly profitable, customer-driven insurance plans. The results are lower administrative costs, increased revenue generation, and assured compliance.

With Highroads P2A, health plans can prioritize their biggest pain points and solve for the most pressing business challenges first to see immediate ROI. Then adding functionality to increase value over time.

Consistently recognized for performance and reliability, P2A includes the following solutions:

P2A: Product Management to provide agile, product management capabilities that:
- Optimize and easily make available data to drive product innovation and business growth
- Deliver operational efficiencies through automation and smart workflows
- Ease the burden of state and federal filing with a streamlined and rapid process

P2A: DocGen to uncomplicate the document generation process and create automation that:
- Increases speed while maintaining accuracy and compliance
- Enables document generation to happen on-demand, with 1-click

P2A: Sales Enablement to empower decision making at the point of sale to:
- Accelerate the close of business
- Enable real-time response to customer requests

P2A: MA Accelerator to take the pain out of your Medicare Advantage pain points to create:
- An easier path to market-driven products
- An expedited, compliant, PBP filing workflow
- Automated, on-demand document generation

P2A is your pathway to success across all lines of business. Whether a large group needs plan customization, or you need to simplify the Medicare Bid process, P2A can be easily configured and deployed to help achieve your goals.

Primary Service: Automation, Workflow and IT Services
Secondary Service: Administrative Systems

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70 Blanchard Rd
Burlington, MA 01803

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White Paper: MA Growth Through Innovation
To gain an advantage in this highly competitive space, payers must be able to: streamline the bid process, create differentiated products, and produce massive amounts of documents, quickly and accurately. In this whitepaper, we focus on the challenges, opportunities, and solutions to pursue innovation that helps achieve member and revenue growth objectives.