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Description of Services: Today, members have to wait for a health crisis before receiving care, often too late, leaving the health plan to foot the bill. Health plans rely on retrospective analyses to determine those members at greatest risk - but cannot see the future by looking at the past. This keeps the healthcare system stuck in a vicious cycle of reactivity.

Prealize breaks the cycle of reactivity using advanced machine learning, providing insight into future member-level risk with up to 12 months lead time before an event, procedure or diagnosis occurs. Prealize’s predictive insight allows health plans to understand population and individual member risk, and includes comprehensive detail into conditions, diagnoses and social risks that will drive cost or poor outcomes. Prealize’s predictions integrate seamlessly into existing workflows so that health plans can proactively understand, act and impact members sooner.

Primary Service: Enterprise Data
Secondary Service: Automation, Workflow and IT Services

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85 Burnett Avenue
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Recording: From Ideation to Execution: How Sentara is Putting Advanced Predictive Insights in Motion
Prealize Health will have a panel discussion in the video presentation. Sentara Health Plans will share how they are using predictive intelligence to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and improve member outcomes.


Predictive Analytics Buyer's Guide
Health plans are increasingly recognizing the many benefits predictive analytics can have for their members, customers, and revenue. Predictive analytics -- when provided by an effective partner -- can help address critical challenges. The Prealize Health Buyer's Guide contains the key attributes and capabilities to look for in a predictive analytics provider.


Early Identification and Proactive Outreach: How Optima Health Plan is Improving Outcomes and Creating More Value with Prealize Health
Optima Health selected Prealize, a predictive analytics company, to identify the highest risk, most impactable members so that their care managers could productively manage their care needs and associated expense. In the process, Optima Health realized a 4:1 ROI after just one year of using Prealize's predictive analytics solutions to improve its care management outreach.


State of Health 2022: The Domino Effect
This 2022 Annual State of Health Report from Prealize Health, a predictive analytics company, identifies the top health conditions and utilization spikes that healthcare leaders must act on in 2022. The report presents the predictive findings and explores the top contributing factors, along with practical commentary from industry leaders.