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West Coast Executive Retreat

Event Date: 8/15/2019

Event Overview


10:00AM - 3:00PM PT

The Alliance is hosting an executive retreat for top leaders of our member health plans located in the western region of the US.  This invitation-only event is an exclusive networking and learning opportunity for CEOs, and is designed to facilitate meaningful sharing in a safe environment you won’t find at any other conference.

Designed to optimize your time away from the office, the event is conveniently located at the Hyatt Regency, a quick shuttle ride from the San Francisco international airport.  This venue offers beautiful views of the San Francisco bay area and – more importantly – a chance to gain fresh perspectives from other executives wrestling with the same strategic and operational challenges you’re facing back at home. 

This retreat is structured as a strategic conversation among top executives, and participants will share their organizations’ response to market shifts, so that everyone may benefit from new ideas, challenges overcome and lessons learned through strategic pivots.  The retreat facilitator will guide the discussion to ensure an optimal mix of conversation, learning and networking.  The strategic topics we’ll cover include:

  • How is your organization responding to the aggressive growth in Social Determinants of Health? What investments are you making in this area? How are you interfacing with your provider owner and/or partners in this area? What challenges do you face?

  • How is your organization responding to market pressures to make healthcare more “consumer focused"? Are you investing in a digital strategy? What elements are top of mind: care delivery, recruiting/onboarding, wellness and chronic disease management?

  • Is your organization making significant investments in your core systems or other infrastructure elements?How are you addressing growing compliance, privacy and security concerns, as they relate to increased interoperability, delegation models, and more portals?

  • What major areas of growth is your organization pursuing? How are you diversifying your portfolio to ensure more sustainable growth?

  • Is your organization pursuing unique partnership models as part of your strategy? White labels, back office, joint ventures, etc? How do you see yourself competing in the shifting marketplace?

  • What is your organization’s approach to risk management as it relates to ensuring appropriate payment for your populations? Are you utilizing outside vendors to ensure accurate risk scores or test for audit readiness? Are you pivoting to a new population health approach that supports better documentation and workflow between risk, quality and medical management? 


Event highlights

CEOs will have the opportunity to test their theories with Alliance colleagues, and will gain fresh perspectives and ideas to take back home.  This retreat is an opportunity to debate with and learn from your peers in a unique setting that is the hallmark of the Alliance.  These conversations open up the possibility for your organization to synthesize learnings and leap frog your competition.

Alliance retreats like this one are unscripted and open-ended, designed to allow ideas to flow.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see the challenges and opportunities in front of regional health plans with a fresh perspective.  Register now to secure your spot.


Please note: This event is designed for Health Plan CEOs and is by invitation only.  Once you register to signal your interest in attending, an Alliance team member will confirm your spot via email. Questions? Contact us.


Who should attend

This meeting is limited to Health Plan Alliance member CEOs and invited guests.


Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

1333 Bayshore Highway
Burlingame, CA 94010
Hyatt offers a shuttle details below.




Business casual attire is appropriate for the meeting.  Remember that the hotel meeting room temperatures vary, so we recommend that you layer clothing to be comfortable in case the room becomes either hot or cold.

Ground transportation

The hotel offers 24-hour shuttle service from SFO, take your luggage to the Departures Level center island and look for the area marked "Hotel Shuttle." The shuttle bus is marked "Hyatt Regency and Marriott.” For more details about parking and transportation click here.

San Francisco weather

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Below is a list of all delegates registered to date for this event

  • Shawn Dewers
  • Chief Executive Officer at Central Health Plan of California
  • Brandon Fryar
  • President at Presbyterian Health Plan
  • Alan Lederman
  • Chief Operating Officer at Community Health Plan of Washington
  • Deena Louie
  • CEO at Chinese Community Health Plan
  • Garry Maisel
  • President and CEO at Western Health Advantage
  • Dan Rhodes
  • Market and Network Development Executive at Adventist Health Plan
  • Felicia Wu
  • VP of Operations at Central Health Plan of California