We are a nationwide network of health plans, hospitals and physicians working together

The Alliance was founded in 1996 by eight provider-owned health plans as a for-profit venture designed to be a vehicle for collaborative innovation.  Never wavering from our mission over a 20+ year history, the enterprise is now owned by nearly 30 provider-sponsored health plans and provides services to nearly 50 similar organizations across the United States.  Through the Alliance, provider-sponsored and independent health plans collaborate as one, united entity, and each organization shares strategic expertise, operational efficiencies and innovation with their Alliance colleagues. Together we are driving performance improvement, delivering exceptional service, transforming care, and championing health and well-being in our local markets with the power of a nationwide company.





Our mission

Bring together health plans with similar values in collaborative ways to improve their performance and succeed in their markets.

Our vision

Inspire and support health plans to deliver exceptional service, drive transformational care, and champion health and wellbeing.






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Cathy K. Eddy Health Care Leadership Lecture Series

Cathy K. Eddy founded the Alliance in 1996 and retired from the organization on April 30, 2018. Over the course of her career, she has championed the success of Alliance members, and has been an invaluable catalyst of collaboration throughout the health care industry. To honor her contributions, the Alliance has established the Cathy K. Eddy Health Care Leadership Lecture Series.

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