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Membership criteria and dues


Criteria for membership

Your health plan must be owned or sponsored by a delivery system or other provider, governmental, religious entity or coalition, or independently owned. Membership excludes Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, publicly owned/investor owned, and other commercial plans. Membership does not exclude health plans or owners that are for-profit, not-for-profit, tax paying or tax exempt.

Annual dues

Alliance member dues have remained the same for more than 20 years. Membership dues are paid annually in the spring and are based on your health plan's covered lives. You can reduce your annual membership dues by purchasing products and services from select companies in the Alliance GPO. Last year, through GPO product distributions, most members saw a $1,000 reduction and one reduced their dues by 50 percent.

Become a shareholder

Make a one-time capital contribution and become an Alliance shareholder. Shareholders receive a voting seat on the Alliance board of directors and an annual shareholder distribution. The shareholder distribution is deducted from each shareholder’s annual dues. Shareholders can expect to see their capital contribution returned in 38 months.





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