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As a membership organization the Alliance looks for new members among provider-sponsored and independent health plans.  Members share many strategic and operational elements in common and can openly share and discuss information regarding product development, financial position, operations, medical management, and marketing to gain insight into best practices and accelerate innovation.  

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Members join as either Shareholders or Partners and have common characteristics:

  • Ownership by providers or independent ownership with close working relationship on governance and management with hospitals and physicians
  • Not controlled or managed by publicly-traded HMOs or commercial insurance carriers
  • Not in direct competition with other members
  • Typically in secondary urban, suburban and rural markets
  • A leading plan in the market with a reputation for clinical quality and customer service

Membership options:


  • One-time capital contribution:  $62,500
  • Annual membership dues:  $50,000
  • Participation in both shareholder and contract distributions
  • Voting seat on governance board


  • Annual membership dues:  $1 per-at-risk covered life; minimum $10,000 and maximum $50,000
  • Participation in contract distributions
  • May upgrade to Shareholder at any time

Access to all services, programs, and contracts is the same for both membership levels


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