Health Plan Sales & Marketing Unpacked: Episode 3
Do you have a value story? In other words, if you had to identify the value propositions that compel consumers and businesses to enroll in your plan, could you—quickly, with clarity, and with confidence? Segment three of our five-part series on value creation introduces you to a functional framework for clearly identifying the unique value-added benefits that distinguish you from your competition. Then explore how to deliver compelling narratives that showcase that value in various application areas such as virtual and in-person conversations, RFP responses, final presentations, executive summaries, broker education and development, and ongoing employer group and member communications.


Health Plan Sales & Marketing Unpacked: Episode 2
Joe explores how to develop a value creation mindset. Mindset sets intention, defines priorities and directs behavior. It sets your sales culture even if you are a sales culture of one person. During this segment, you'll unpack what gets in the way of executing your sales approach and how you can stay focused on creating value even when the world around you is chaotic.


Health Plan Sales & Marketing Unpacked: Episode 1
Welcome to our new video podcast—Health Plan Sales & Marketing Unpacked. Episode 1 is the first of a five-part series on the strategic advantages of value creation as a tactical sales and retention strategy for competing in highly competitive markets. In this video, Joe Merlino, Principal, Emergent Business, introduces value creation, explores the sales challenges that you're up against everyday, what a value creation strategy looks like, how it's different from your current sales approach and how it compliments your current sales approach.



Meet the host
Joe Merlino

For more than 30 years, Joe Merlino has worked with businesses that require significant shifts in their approach to sales and account management to compete successfully and with more confidence.  that create consistent and predictable business growth.

Having worked in executive roles in highly competitive markets, Joe brings a VP of Sales mindset to every client engagement. He has gained a reputation as a strategically minded and hands-on facilitator of individual, departmental and enterprise growth and turnaround initiatives.

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