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Healthcare Policy Brief: December 06, 2021
Summary, legislative update - soft infrastructure package, no surprises act (NSA) Update


Healthcare Policy Unpacked: Episode 10
In this episode, Chris Condeluci discusses the Soft Infrastructure Package, its impact on the individual market and the exchange, implementing the federally-developed arbitration process, and the vaccine mandate.


Healthcare Policy Brief: November 10, 2021
Legislative update - soft infrastructure package, healthcare policy update - three-year extension of enhanced premium subsidies, employer update, surprise medical billing update.


Healthcare Policy Brief: October 21, 2021
Is it a $3.5 trillion, $1.5 trillion, $1.9 trillion, or $2.3 trillion reconciliation bill?, federally developed arbitration / IDR process.


Healthcare Policy Unpacked: Episode 9
In this episode, Chris Condeluci breaks down the NSA arbitration process, including a timeline, steps, responsibilities, and the arbiter's role as defined by the new surprise medical billing requirements.


Presentation: Health Care Policy Changes In the $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill
Chris Condeluci and Nancy Wise discuss critical issues for Alliance members regarding the largest U.S. spending package in history, with almost one-third of the $3.5 trillion package going toward health care policy changes, including extending the enhanced ACA premium subsidies, lowering the Medicare eligibility age, and drug pricing reforms.


Recording: Alliance Healthcare Policy Forum - October 2021
Chris Condeluci and Nancy Wise discuss critical issues for Alliance members such as health care policy changes in the $3.5 Trillion Reconciliation Bill.


Healthcare Policy Unpacked: Episode 8
On this podcast, Chris Condeluci gets us up to speed on what the Administration was busy working on during the August recess. Dennis and Chris discuss recently provided timelines and several important provisions in the No Surprises Act that haven't received as much attention.


Healthcare Policy Brief: September 9, 2021
FAQs for the Transparency in Coverage Regulations and the No Surprises Act - Analysis of the Federal Department’s Recently Released Implementation FAQs


Understanding the Federal FAQs Relating to Compliance
On Friday, August 20, the Federal Departments issued a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) focused on the implementation of the regulatory requirements under the Transparency in Coverage Rule (released in October 2020) and various provisions of the No Surprises Act (enacted on December 27, 2020). SpringStreet Exchange provides a summary of the Federal Department's announcements and discussions in the FAQs.


Healthcare Policy Brief: August 23, 2021
A two-track play on infrastructure, enhanced premium subsidies, adding vision, dental, and hearing benefits to traditional Medicare, lowering the Medicare eligibility age, drug pricing reforms in the forthcoming reconciliation bill, surprise medical billing - timeframes explored.


Healthcare Policy Unpacked: Episode 7
In this month's episode, Chris Condeluci, JD, LLM, discusses the recent passing of the Infrastructure Bill. Dennis and Chris delve into the hard and soft infrastructure bill provisions, review what health plans should be monitoring, and detail the qualifying payment amounts defined by the July 1 Interim Final Rule.


Presentation: Medicare Expansion
Experts share insights on Medicare Buy-in proposal and implications for healthcare executives. Alliance member CEOs weigh in with their perspectives.


Recording: Policy Forum: Q&A with Chris Condeluci
Chris Condeluci, JD, LLM of SpringStreet Exchange discusses the latest updates on federal health policy and answers your questions.


Healthcare Policy Brief: August 02, 2021
A two-track play on infrastructure, transparency update, surprise medical billing update.