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Healthcare Policy Brief: March 4, 2021
Chris summarizes the federal COBRA subsidies included in the COVID Stimulus Package and reminds us that increasing the ACA’s premium subsidies and eliminating the income limit for subsidy eligibility are only temporary. How will increasing the premium subsidies and eliminating the income limit for subsidy eligibility impact coverage, affordability, and cost to the federal government? Will these temporary proposals be made permanent?


Healthcare Policy Brief: February 19, 2020
What we might see in the COVID Reconciliation Stimulus Package, keep your eye on this Senate precedent, the probability of a Healthcare Reconciliation Bill later this year, ACA Exchange Update - President Biden issues his healthcare executive order and other items in the executive order.


Healthcare Policy Unpacked: Episode 1
Welcome to Healthcare Policy Unpacked, an Alliance member-only podcast, produced in partnership with Spring Street Exchange and policy insider Chris Condeluci, JM, LLM. In this episode, Dennis Bolin and Chris discuss if Congressional Democrats will enact a COVID Stimulus Package using the "reconciliation" process, how the COVID Stimulus Package will impact regional health plans, what this means for a possible "healthcare reconciliation" bill later in 2021 and what might be included in a "healthcare reconciliation" bill.


Healthcare Policy Brief: February 5, 2021
A surprise medical billing fix finally gets through Congress, the debate over finding a surprise medical billing fix, the importance of the rulemaking process, examination of rules and requirements associated with the surprise medical billing legislation, transparency-related provisions included in the end-of-year legislation.


Healthcare Policy Brief: January 21, 2021
Election and healthcare policy update, the path to 51 votes, what can be done through reconciliation?, what in the Biden healthcare plan will make it into a reconciliation bill?, a super important part of the reconciliation analysis: adding offsets, how could the democrats do it?