The MASBC PY2023 is a private group that offers resources and networking tools unique to MASBC PY2023, including:

  • A list of the group's members so you can quickly connect with other Alliance MASBC project members.

  • Access to the private MASBC discussion forum. Here you can message this group with a question or use this tool as a way to share information and updates with the group. It's just like sending an email to all the individuals on the members list. When a individual posts a question to the MASBC forum, you'll receive an email alert and can reply right from your inbox.

  • Upcoming virtual meetings designed specifically to bring MASBC PY2023 participants together.

  • MASBC PY2023 exclusive materials including on-demand meeting and webinar recordings, shared resources and call summaries.

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Your personal help hotline


Kristin Rodriguez

Chief Operating Officer,
Health Plan Alliance

P: 972-830-8684
E: kristin.rodriguez@healthplanalliance.org

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the MASBC or would like a member of your team to have access to this group.

Consider my phone and email your personal help hotline. Save my cell phone in your phone and feel free to text, call or email me any time.



View upcoming meetings here. We will also notify you when new meetings are added. MASBC PY2023 calls are exclusive to this group; however, if there is value in other members from your organization participating in these calls you are welcome to share the registration links with them. You can access on-demand meeting recordings and resources under the documents tab.


See all archived MASBC PY 2023 events” (Event dates June 2021 – December 2021) HERE


Member Resources