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The Alliance grants you a limited license to access the Site and the Content (as defined below) for your internal use.  You have no rights to redistribute the Site or Content in any way without the express consent of the Alliance.  You agree to follow any existing or future security measures implemented by the Alliance with respect to the Site.  If your access to the Site was made through the use of a password or other control device, you agree not to share such device except as permitted by the Alliance.  The Alliance may prosecute any person for unauthorized use of the Site.  If you have any question about Content or its use, feel free to contact us at info@healthplanalliance.org. 

All content on the Site (“Content”) is made available for your use on an “AS IS” basis.  While the Alliance makes reasonable efforts to display Content that is accurate, current, and truthful, you are advised of the following:
User Responsible.  You should validate Content that you use for your own purposes.  The Content may have conditions, limitations, or exclusions that may make it inaccurate or incomplete for your intended purpose.  Such conditions, limitations, or exclusions may not be displayed as part of the Content.
User to Verify Accuracy.  Content may be contributed by third parties over which the Alliance has no control, and the Alliance cannot ascertain in each instance whether Content contributed by participants is accurate or complete.  You should validate the accuracy of any data you choose to rely upon.
No Medical Advice. By displaying Content, the Alliance does not offer clinical or medical advice with respect to any health condition or course of treatment.  The appropriateness of any such information for your use is determined solely by you.
No Financial or Regulatory Advice.  By displaying Content, the Alliance does not offer advice with respect to financial impact or regulatory compliance matters, including matters related to the delivery of health care, payment of or reimbursement for healthcare services, or how health care charges are displayed, submitted, or safeguarded.  You will determine the financial and regulatory impact of your actions that are taken based upon any use of the Content.
No Endorsement.  If the Content includes references to or hyperlinks to third parties or their products and services, such references or links are not an endorsement by the Alliance.  You must verify whether the third parties and their products or services are accurately described, suitable, and can be relied upon.
Content Owned by the Alliance.  Except for material contributed by you (as discussed below), as between you and the Alliance, the Alliance is the owner or holds a right to display the Content.  You do not obtain any ownership rights in the Content by virtue of your use of the Site.

The posting of copyrighted materials by you, in whole or in part, is EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED without the prior written permission of the copyright holder. You may post hypertext links to, or URLs for, copyrighted materials already on the Internet unless prohibited by the copyright holder or applicable law.  You may also refer to copyrighted materials by title and/or author or publisher, but may not actually post the materials without prior written permission of the copyright holder.  

You agree to not post or submit information to this Site that 
is covered by the Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 as amended (“HIPAA”), such as patient identifiable information (“Protected Health Information”);
consists of any other personal information of individuals, whether or not protected by law or regulation;
includes profanity, vulgarity, pornography, defamatory statements, or may otherwise be offensive to individuals;
is false, misleading, or may not be published under any applicable rule, regulation, or law; or
you do not have the authority to publicly disclose.

If you post (or submit to the Alliance for posting) materials for use on the Site, you agree:

The Alliance is granted a non-exclusive license to use and make derivative works of the materials as Content on the Site and, subject to confidentiality restrictions stated below, to use contributed materials within the Alliance for internal purposes, and if included in any other data set, to de-identify the contributed material so that you or any individual is not identifiable.
The Alliance is not required to include your contributed materials on the Site.  The Alliance reserves the right at any time to edit, redact, retract, or not publish any materials in the Alliance’s sole judgment.  Notwithstanding the Alliance’s right to edit, you remain responsible for all of your contributed material.
The material you submit is truthful, accurate, and reasonably complete in all material respects.

If you identify any of your information that is protected by copyright and you can exercise a take down right as authorized by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, please send your request, including the factual  details required by this Act, to the Alliance at:  Health Plan Alliance, Attn:  Legal Department, 290 E John Carpenter Freeway, Irving, Texas 75062.

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You or the organization you represent may have other agreements with the Alliance, and your use of the Site and these Terms of Use do not modify any of these other agreements in any respect. 

We work diligently to produce and maintain the Web Site, and to ensure that it includes high quality information for you.  However, the Alliance does not offer any warranties regarding the Site or Content on the Site. THE SITE AND ANY RELATED SERVICES ARE PROVIDED "AS-IS" WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, INFRINGEMENT, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, TIMELINESS, OR UNINTERRUPTED SERVICE. 

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