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A strategic network of collaborators

Through the Alliance, provider-sponsored health plans, along with their health system and provider leaders, can collaborate as one united entity, sharing the strategic expertise, operational efficiencies and innovation of each organization with one another. Together we are driving performance improvement, delivering exceptional service, transforming care, and championing health and wellbeing in our local markets with the power of a nationwide company.

We can't do it alone and are always looking for strategic partners who are interested in supporting our mission and vision. Get connected today with our network of 5,000+ individuals at health plans, health systems and provider groups across the country.



Begin your partnership with the Alliance

Become an Insider

The genius of the Alliance lies in the trusted partnerships between health plan leaders, Alliance sponsors, and Alliance staff. As a 2023 Alliance Insider you’ll have year-round access to valuable market intelligence from the Alliance network that will inform your roadmap and business development approach.


Your Insider Subscription includes:

Access to virtual Insider Town Halls (no seat limit for your organization)

All year long, the Alliance leadership conducts strategic listening sessions with our health plan members’ leadership teams, and collects insights from one-on-one calls, in-person meetings, webinars and our discussion forum. During these one-hour, virtual Insider Town Halls, Alliance leaders share what we are hearing from our members, what’s trending now and how your organization can provide support. Anyone from your organization is welcome to attend.

Monthly Insider e-newsletter subscription for all company contacts

Maintain a pulse on both strategic and tactical issues regional plans are addressing, plus hear about real-time opportunities for your organization to gain thought leadership recognition through curriculum contributions. Everyone on your company roster is automatically subscribed.

Listing in the Alliance online vendor directory

The vast “vendorverse” can be overwhelming for any health plan to navigate. The Alliance is a valued resource for our health plan members to cut through the noise and find vendors that are interested in working with regional health plans. When Alliance members are in search of a new vendor, they start with the Alliance vendor directory. Your listing in our directory lets our members know that you are invested in working with them and that you have solutions that may be of interest to them.


Review our 2024 Sponsorship Guide below for a comprehensive list of benefits that accompany your Insider Subscription.


Please note: The Insider Subscription is prorated by month. A 2024 Insider Subscription is $1,200 a year/$100 a month. If you purchase a 2024 Insider Subscription today, your listing will expire on 12/31/2024. A 2024 Insider Subscription is required for organizations interested in additional 2024 sponsorship opportunities. A 2024 Insider Subscription is included with all 2024 Preferred Business Sponsor packages.


Increase your visibility and engage with Alliance members year-round

Review the 2024 Sponsorship Guide below for more detailed information about each opportunity and included benefits. Please note: Your organization must hold a 2024 Insider Subscription to qualify for our 2024 Preferred Business Sponsor Program, Meeting Sponsorship, or a Spotlight Webinar.


Preferred Business Sponsor

Keep your company top of mind all year. With a sponsorship investment of $35K or more, or a combination of sponsorships and GPO Admin Fees (if applicable), you'll unlock more valuable benefits available only to higher Preferred Business Sponsor (PBS) tiers.

Meeting Sponsor

Our meetings are more like a company retreat than a conference. Because our members do not compete with one another in their markets, our meetings bring individuals together for collaboration, ideation, and shared learning. Alliance members work together because they are all striving for the same thing—to deliver exceptional service, drive transformational care, and champion health and wellbeing in our communities. Together, our members can get there faster and more cost-effectively.


Spotlight Webinar

Showcase your company's capabilities to Alliance members with a one-hour webinar dedicated to the topic of your choosing. During a Spotlight Webinar, you can highlight your products and services, present a case study, or share industry best practices.


Review the 2024 Sponsorship Guide

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Please note: Alliance 2023 Preferred Business Sponsors get first priority for all 2024 opportunities. Your organization must hold a 2024 Insider Subscription to qualify for our 2024 Preferred Business Sponsor Program, Meeting Sponsorship, or a Spotlight Webinar.