Alliance security setting recommendations

To ensure you have access to all the benefits that come with your Health Plan Alliance membership, we recommend sharing this page with your IT/Email Security/Maintenance team. These settings will allow you and your colleagues to receive Alliance emails and access the Alliance webinar platform, BigMarker.


Whitelist the following IP addresses and domains to mitigate email deliverability problems.

IP addresses:


Allow traffic from all servers with * domain and use the following firewall settings to ensure seamless connectivity to the Alliance’s BigMarker webinar platform.

  • Do not block WebSocket connections.
  • Do not filter the RTP package in the firewall. BigMarker uses RTP to carry the audio/video data.
  • Router configuration: Your organization's router might have some preconfigured settings that could disrupt your webinar's audio. You may need to disable SIP ALG within your router. Here's how your IT person can disable SIP ALG. For more information click here
  • Minimum Requirement: Assumed by default is that TCP ports 80 and 443 are open. Some firewall rules only allow for TCP traffic over port 443, make sure that all traffic can pass over this port. If you continue to experience issues, you may need to follow the rest of the rules below.
  • Best Experience: In addition to the minimum requirements being met, we recommend that UDP ports 1025 - 65535 be open.
  • Pro-Tip: Allow all traffic over ports 80 & 443.
  • Explicit Firewall rules for your IT department:

    • 443/tcp ALLOW *
    • 80/tcp ALLOW *
    • 80/udp ALLOW *
    • 53/udp ALLOW *
    • 443/tcp (v6) ALLOW * (v6)
    • 80/tcp (v6) ALLOW * (v6)
    • 53/udp (v6) ALLOW * (v6)
    • 53/udp ALLOW OUT *
    • 80/tcp ALLOW OUT *
    • 443/tcp ALLOW OUT *
    • 443/udp ALLOW OUT *
    • 53/udp (v6) ALLOW OUT * (v6)
    • 80/tcp (v6) ALLOW OUT * (v6)
    • 443/tcp (v6) ALLOW OUT *
    • 443/udp (v6) ALLOW OUT * (v6)

  • Run a system check. If you are still having issues connecting to BigMarker, email


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