Invite colleagues to setup their Alliance account

See who in your organization has an account

  • Log in to the Alliance website, then visit the people search page under the network tab.
  • In "Search by company name," type your organization's name, then click "search."
  • You'll see a list of everyone that has an active account.
  • Use the email below to invite missing individuals to setup their account.


Use this email template to invite colleagues to setup their account

Feel free to edit this template.


I noticed you haven't created your Health Plan Alliance account yet. Everyone in the organization has access to the Alliance with our corporate membership. The Alliance is a unique network of regional health plans that do not compete with one another – allowing you to collaboratively work alongside your Alliance peers on any operational challenge big or small. 

I highly encourage you to set up your account today to take advantage of the opportunities to collaborate with and learn from others in the Alliance network. You can also join an upcoming orientation for an overview of your membership benefits and personal referrals to individuals and resources that may support your work.

How to set up your profile

1. Click here to register for access to the Health Plan Alliance virtual community.
2. In "Institution name" type the first four letters of our company name, then click “Enroll” to complete your profile.

Need assistance? Watch this step-by-step "how to" video.