BLOG: Reference-based pricing - What you need to know

Jennifer Bosley, Health Plan Alliance



Last month, Health Plan Alliance members gathered in a powerful one-day workshop to hear the latest about reference-based pricing (RBP) and share their experiences.

What people said about the event

"Very thought provoking discussion."

"Being provider owned, I love when physicians and providers attend the conferences and provide insight from the practitioner perspective."

"The focus on a singular topic more deeply is a very valuable use of time."

Whether you were able to attend in person or had to miss the fly-in, as an Alliance member, you can access all the presentation materials from the event page or the knowledge center. Below you'll find our top takeaways from the meeting. Please share this article with your colleagues who have a focus or interest in RBP.



  1. RBP can lead to big savings for health plans but understanding the complexities can be a challenge

  2. There is no one-size fits all RBP solution; seek assistance from external resources to help you customize to meet your needs and objectives

  3. Advice from the experts: start out slow with strategically targeted trials

  4. Believe it or not provider health systems want to work with health plans toward a win-win solution

  5. Consumer education is essential for successful RBP implementation

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