BLOG: Marketing to MA: How to stand out and win over members

Scott R Kelly, VP, COO, Aspire Health Plan



Each year during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) from October to December, Medicare Advantage (MA) members are bombarded by TV ads, print ads, direct mail campaigns and telephone calls from health plans. There’s so much noise and clutter, how do Medicare Advantage members sift through all the messaging and information to make a decision? And how do health plans know what is working?

Aspire Health plan is newer to the MA space and as we ramp-up for AEP, I would say our top three marketing challenges are:

  • Identifying the most successful channels and strategies for reaching Medicare beneficiaries

  • Separating our health plan’s messaging and brand from the crowd

  • Cracking the code on digital outreach


I often wonder how other health plans are tackling these challenges in new and different ways. There are so many creative minds and “experimenters” out there who have come up with new, effective ways to connect with Medicare shoppers and I’d love to hear and share ideas. 


Let’s swap ideas at the Alliance’s annual Medicare Advantage marketing exchange

If you’re interested in collaborating, now is the time. At this year’s Government Programs Value Visit, Alliance members have the opportunity to exchange their marketing collateral and share ideas. Don’t be left out – join us in San Francisco, August 6-10 at the Alliance Government Programs Value Visit to collaborate and bring your best ideas.  The marketing collateral sharing portion of this meeting is where we can share best practices on direct mail, advertising, brochures, postcards, and more.  If your members see it, we want to share it. Aspire Health Plan has benefited greatly from this annual sharing opportunity and we encourage you to participate in 2018.


Aspire Health Plan’s Medicare Advantage samples are already available for download for Alliance members. You’ll find additional details about how to share your samples on the special events tab of the Government Programs Value Visit event page. You don’t need to be present to participate in the exchange. We’re asking all participants to upload their digital samples to the Alliance Knowledge CenterSM and bring enough flash drives or hard copies to San Francisco that each Alliance member health plan will be able to receive the samples that are shared.


As Arthur C. Aufderheide said, “All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is making the connections.” Bring your best and we’ll see you in San Francisco!



Scott R. Kelly

Scott Kelly is the vice president and chief operating officer at Aspire Health Plan in Monterey, CA.

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