Health Plan Alliance membership extended to health plan's health system and medical group partners

Health Plan Alliance


The Health Plan Alliance announced today that health system and medical group executives affiliated with Alliance members now have full access to all Alliance resources and benefits. This includes attendance at Alliance hosted meetings and webinars, as well as access to the Alliance discussion forums and access the knowledge library.  

Last year, Health Plan Alliance leadership interviewed 15 health plan and health system executive leadership teams to better understand how the Alliance could best serve the needs of these groups. As a result of the feedback, the Alliance made the decision to grant health plan member partners access to all Alliance resources to allow them to collaborate year-round with their plans and peers. 

The Alliance has reached out to its health plan member CEOs regarding the steps required to get their health system and medical group executive contacts setup in the Alliance database and set their affiliate company communication settings. The deadline for plans to add their health system and medical group contacts and make changes to their affiliate partner communication settings is April 1. Once all contacts have been added to the database, the Alliance will kick-off it's 2017 programming series for this group starting with the Health System and Health Plan Value visit, June 14-16 in Chicago, IL.


For question regarding this opportunity, please contact Dennis Bolin.