Health Plan Alliance offers two new Fly-ins for its members operating in the Medicaid market

Kristin Rodriguez, Health Plan Alliance


Health Plan Alliance, one of the nation’s leading organizations for provider-sponsored and independent health plan collaboration, will bring together individuals from across the country for two new program offerings this year: Fly-ins designed specifically for Alliance health plan members operating in the Medicaid market. Many CEOs have been outspoken about the challenges health plans now face operating in government sponsored programs, most particularly Medicaid. By participating in these fly-ins, Alliance members will have the opportunity to focus on specific challenges, hear case studies from their peers and return with actionable insight.  

Unlike the Health Plan Alliance Value Visits, these Fly-ins are designed to be shorter and focused on a specific theme driven almost entirely by Alliance member case studies.  Each Fly-in is hosted by an Alliance health plan member that will provide a thorough and comprehensive case study, providing the opportunity for deep discussion.  Attendees will engage with a more intimate group of their Alliance peers and walk away armed with best practices, new ideas, and a supportive network to call upon every step of the way.

The first of these Fly-ins is August 29-31 in Lebanon, OR.  Participants should register before July 28th, when the discounted hotel rate expires. Samaritan Health Plans will host and share details of their collective impact model.  Over the last three years, Samaritan Health Plans has partnered with their county health department, local community leaders and service organizations, the state Medicaid department, and the health plan’s owner system and other provider partners to address one question: How can we make our community healthier? 

Each of these stakeholders has a seat on the transformation committee, the spearhead of a Collective Impact Model that has led successful pilots seeking to address multiple barriers to good health, such as non-emergent medical transportation, ride share programs, cultural literacy, diversity, child abuse detection, and more.   Now they are pivoting from pilots to operationalizing these efforts at scale.

Samaritan’s approach to making an impact on social determinants of health for vulnerable populations is coupled with focused case studies from two other Alliance member plans: Passport Health Plan and Santa Clara Family Health Plan, not to mention a presentation from Oregon’s state health plan director.  

The next Fly-in is October 23-24 in Louisville, KY and is hosted by Passport Health Plan.  During this Fly-in we examine how each state has put its own unique stamp on the shift to value, and how policy at a federal level pushes health plans to drive more dollars out of their spend as rate pressures continue to increase.  

Join your Alliance peers for a deep dive into value-based purchasing (VBP), “Medicaid-ized.”  With multiple perspectives on the agenda, to include policy makers, provider partners, health plans and their key strategic partners, this deep dive discussion is designed to support Medicaid health plans as they continue in developing, refining, and executing their VBP strategy in 2017 and beyond.