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    Blog: Innovation at work

    Cathy K. Eddy
    What health plans can learn from the former head of innovation and creativity at Walt Disney Company.

    BLOG: Flying solo? The top reason to join the flock plus 5 key traits to maximize the benefits

    Dennis Bolin, Health Plan Alliance
    What conditions need to be present to ensure your organization benefits from being a part of the flock – both internally between teams and externally between other health care providers?

    BLOG: Growing where you are already planted

    Kristin Rodriguez, Health Plan Alliance
    How delivery systems can become a hub for health and healthcare in the future by shifting their focus from buying and building hospitals to leveraging their existing platforms to generate growth and often more profitable streams of revenue.

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Business News

    SOC II audits and HITRUST certification

    Change Healthcare
    IT Security has always been important, but with a large percentage of people working from home it’s even more critical. Learn how SOC II audits and HITRUST certification can help your healthcare organization’s IT security efforts.

    New dashboards deliver COVID-19 related insights to payers

    The coronavirus pandemic is causing substantial and unprecedented impacts on healthcare payers. MedeAnalytics, COVID-19 dashboards within the Payer Operations and Value Based Performance solutions are already providing our clients with a comprehensive view of member service utilization throughout the pandemic.

    Managing Risk Adjustment in Light of the Pandemic: Focus on Telehealth

    Change Healthcare
    Change Healthcare recently discussed risk adjustment in consideration of the pandemic, with an emphasis on the use of telehealth as a key resource for managing risk in this new era.

    What Providers and Payers Can Do to Improve SDOH During the COVID-19 Crisis

    Change Healthcare
    Change Healthcare's expert panel will discuss what providers and health plans are doing now, and what more they can do, to mitigate the health effects of social isolation and improve other social determinants of health arising from the pandemic.

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