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    BLOG: Growing where you are already planted

    Kristin Rodriguez, Health Plan Alliance
    How delivery systems can become a hub for health and healthcare in the future by shifting their focus from buying and building hospitals to leveraging their existing platforms to generate growth and often more profitable streams of revenue.

    BLOG: Why health plans should think more like Netflix

    Kristin Rodriguez, Health Plan Alliance
    Netflix's success didn't come from one dramatic market play. It came from a thousand little choices their leadership made in reaction to new opportunities and a changing landscape. Using this approach, maybe health plans could create a health care experience consumers value as much as family movie night.

    BLOG: Access to health care coverage is topic #1 (even in Antarctica)

    Dennis Bolin, Health Plan Alliance
    I recently took a trip to the Antarctic and met many interesting people along the way. When they heard I work in health insurance they would launch into their opinions, experiences and questions. Demonstrating that health care is at the center of our personal conversations as well as our political ones.

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