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    2020 – A year for innovation, teamwork, and resilience

    Cathy Eddy
    Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist, The Wharton School of Business; Bestselling Author; Host: WorkLife, a TED Original Podcast, joins the Health Plan Alliance for its Fall Leadership Forum as part of the CKE Lecture Series. Cathy Eddy shares some of the highlights of his talk in this blog.

    Blog: Navigating the "new normal"

    Kristin Rodriguez, Health Plan Alliance
    6/30/2020 8:00:00 AM
    The Health Plan Alliance has always brought our members together to do meaningful work and we're continuing to do just that. On June 16, we piloted our first virtual experience and hosted the MA Sales & Marketing Virtual Summit online. It illuminated that “virtual” doesn't get in the way of fostering the professional connections you crave or prevent those aHa! moments we all need.

    Blog: Innovation at work

    Cathy K. Eddy
    What health plans can learn from the former head of innovation and creativity at Walt Disney Company.

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Business News

    Core System Replacement

    Change Healthcare
    Healthcare is change faster than ever. COVID-19 broke down some historical barriers, but even before the pandemic, the healthcare industry was transforming faster than ever - driven by unsustainable costs, higher customer expectations, and more active government regulation. Today, technology enabled innovations are fueling the transformation as incumbent organizations work to reinvent themselves and new entrants work to disrupt the status quo.

    Customer Centricity, Value-Based Healthcare, and D

    Change Healthcare
    In this webinar series, clinicians and industry experts sit down to discuss the evolution of value-based healthcare in the wake of COVID-19. Tune in to hear industry experts discuss consumer centricity, value-based healthcare, and digital transformation in the wake of COVID-19.

    Don't Forget the Testing White Paper

    Change Healthcare
    It's never too early to begin integrating testing decisions into the planning process for a core system implementation project. Read this Change Healthcare Consulting White Paper to learn more about the sooner you focus on testing, the better prepared you'll be to validate your key business decisions.

    CASE STUDY: CMS Dual Concurrent Payment Changes

    Learn how Centauri helped a 300,000 member Medicare plan address CMS' Dual Concurrent Payment Changes with an aggressive target-lift-retain strategy.

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