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  • Health Plan Alliance releases 2018 meeting calendar

    The Alliance has released its 2018 meeting calendar which will cover topics such as: IT and operations; reference-based pricing; reciprocity; risk adjustment and quality; payer-provider collaboration; government programs; risk management, compliance, privacy and security; member experience; and leadership. Mark your calendars and find out how to get involved in planning the programming for these topic areas.

  • Health Plan Alliance members will meet in November 15-17 in Orlando, FL to discuss clinical informatics

    This two and a half day event will bring leaders in informatics, clinical analytics and quality improvement together with CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, CIOs, medical economists and analysts to dive into the components that make a health plan successful when it comes to leveraging data in more powerful ways.

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  • CX Case Study: Oscar Health & Cleveland Clinic Partner to Engage Consumers

    In this market update, HealthScape Advisors explores trends in carrier – provider partnerships and defines the “missing ingredient” in many such models: effective consumer engagement. As the centerpiece of this update, we examine the innovative elements of a collaborative partnership between Oscar Health and Cleveland Clinic that is founded on the premise of creating value through enhanced consumer engagement and experience.

  • Women in Product Management: Diana Benli, VP Product Management at Cognizant

    Imagine being the product manager for a product that is dependent on the ever-changing landscape of healthcare regulations and reform. What would your roadmap look like?

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