Alliance Toolkits

Alliance toolkits make it easy for Alliance members to access resources on a popular topic without doing a lot of searching. You can access these topic-specific curated resources by clicking on the subject of interest below. We also want your contributions! If you have a resource to add to one of the below toolkits, upload your documents, articles, policies, etc., directly to our Knowledge Center at any time!

Add your resources to the Knowledge Center

  • Under the "Resources" tab, click "Share"
  • If you are sharing something like marketing samples. Please merge materials into one PDF. You may want to insert bookmarks within your PDF to make it easier for users to easily delineate where each piece starts and ends. See Prominence Health Plan's file as an additional example: Prominence Health Plan: 2019 Medicare Advantage Marketing Samples.
  • NOTE: The Alliance Knowledge Center cannot accept files larger than 20 MB. Please be sure to compress your file before upload.
  • Please title your document: <Company name>: <Document Name> 
  • Abstract: Include brief description of what's included and which toolkit this document is meant for. Example: “Includes COVID-19 collateral, disenrollment survey, direct mail, advertisements, new member onboarding collateral, etc. Part of the COVID-19 Toolkit”



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Alliance Speaker Resources Toolkit
Care Management Toolkit
COVID19 Toolkit
Customer Journey Mapping Toolkit
DE&I Toolkit
First Health User Group Toolkit
FWA Case Sharing Toolkit
Healthcare Policy Pack Toolkit
Innovation for Health Plans Toolkit
Interoperability Toolkit
Leadership Org Charts Toolkit
MA Call Scripts Toolkit
Maternal Health Toolkit
Medicare Advantage Toolkit
Member Experience Toolkit
No Surprises Act Toolkit
Policies and Procedures
Pharmacy Toolkit
Reference-Based Pricing Toolkit
Risk Adjustment/Coding Toolkit
SIU Organization Charts Toolkit
Social Determinants of Health Toolkit
Sponsorship Fulfillment Toolkit
Star Ratings Toolkit
Value-Based Care and Programs Toolkit
Vendor Accountability Initiative
Vendor Spotlight Toolkit