Social Determinants of Health Toolkit

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White Paper: Community Benefit and Finance/Tax Staff - Cultivating Relationships for Accurate Reporting
For many years, the Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA) and Vizient have published guidelines to help hospitals plan and report community benefit. CHA and Vizient provide information designed to help staff in community benefit and in finance cultivate effective relationships important to assuring accurate community benefit reporting.


Presentation: Spring Street SDoH Data Sheet: The Impact of Inadequate Housing
Spring Street provides background data as part of the SDoH visioning workshop they led during the SDoH Fly-in held in Dallas, September 2019.


Presentation: Facing headwinds - How pilots and health leaders can get more lift by going straight for it
In this session, Brendan O'Connor of Solera reflects on his years helping healthcare organizations meaningfully incorporate SDOH into their member care strategies. He describes the learning curve payers and providers experience as they learn to navigate headwinds successfully. This session addresses the foundational requirements for health plans and providers to meaningfully address the social needs of members. This presentation took place September 23, 2019 during the Social Determinants of Health Fly-In.


Agenda: Social Determinants of Health
Agenda for the Social Determinants of Health Fly-In September 23-24, 2019. Supportive housing is one of the most complicated and expensive social determinants of health. Join physician leaders from both payer and provider organizations for a deep dive into the unique opportunities we have to positively impact this barrier for the vulnerable populations we serve. Co-hosted by the Health Plan Alliance and Americaâ??s Physician Groups (APG), this executive workshop will offer a unique mix of expert presentations from policy leaders, industry experts; real-world examples from healthcare organizations; and a highly engaging strategic visioning workshop that will allow us to translate ideas into practical applications.