Star Ratings Toolkit

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Presentation: Star Ratings Comparative Benchmark Report
Change Healthcare (formerly Altegra Health), a Strategic Business Sponsor of the Medicare Advantage Collaborative, presents the Annual Health Plan Alliance member Star Ratings comparative benchmark report. During this 90 minute session, learn how Alliance member health plans' performance compares to the national average (Part C & Part D) as well as what to expect in the coming Star years. Plus, the expert presenters identify key areas of strength and weaknesses and present an overview of the Alliance member plans comparative report.


HOS Survey Toolkit
HOS survey resources were shared by Health Plan Alliance members following the 1/12/2017 "Roundtable Discussion - STAR Ratings: HOS Metrics" webinar. During the webinar, plans shared their best practices and tools for achieving optimal STAR ratings on Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) metrics.


Document: Presbyterian Star Estimate 2016
Stars Dashboard tool shared by Presbyterian Health Plan. Estimated Star level.


Presentation: Presbyterian Health Plan Stars Dashboard
This session combines the industry view of Wakely's experts with the real-world experience of Presbyterian Health Plan when it comes to monitoring Stars efforts. We discuss the KPIs plans use to inform decision-making, plus share suggestions to improve Star dashboard development and use.


Presentation: Medicare Advantage Stars Improvement Monitor, Measure, Discuss and Refine
Dave Neiman, Sr. Consulting Actuary with Wakely Consulting, shares the math behind the stars, and provides great visuals and explanations that answer the questions executives have most often when it comes to Stars. He also shares Stars Dashboard examples, and experiences gained from working with clients across the industry on moving the Stars needle.


Quality Council Charter - CHPW
Quality council charter from CHPW


Aspire's Internal benchmark report for monitoring Star measures
Aspire shared the benchmark report its staff uses internally to monitor Star measures. This version is the PDF version. For additional help regarding this tool, contact Alison Dunton at Aspire.