Value-Based Care and Programs Toolkit

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Recording: A Data-driven Approach to Negotiating Value-based Contracts
Emily Chen, CEO, MediQuire, shares their findings from a deep dive into the Colorado state-wide claims database and discuss how payers can leverage these insights to identify, design, and manage successful value-based care contracts.


Recording: Change Healthcare Value-Based Webinar Series Part 3 of 3
Cindy Garvin and Dr. Carroll provide a review of value-based care trends and three key components impacting Payers and Providers in the changing healthcare environment.


Presentation: Clinically nuanced benefit design - the policy landscape and market implications
Manatt and other panelists explore the federal government's interest in clinically nuanced health care delivery and how new guidance and expanding innovation programs will impact payers when it comes to designing benefits, aligning incentives for your providers and re-engaging members.


Presentation: Change Healthcare Value-Based Webinar Series Part 3 of 3
Cindy Garvin and Dr. Carroll provide a review of value-based care trends and three key components impacting Payers and Providers in today's changing healthcare environment.


Docs, Payer Execs Agree Providers Lack Tools for Value-Based Care
This article from RevCycle Intelligence explains how lack of technology and patient data may be stalling or even reversing the value-based care transition. The report referenced is based on a new survey by Quest Diagnostics of primary care physicians and health plan executives.


Pay Less, Take More: Success in Getting Patients to Take Their Medicine
University of Michigan Center for Value-Based Insurance Design shares an article about results of basing patients' medication costs on the health benefits they'll get from a drug, rather than its price. A new review of value-based insurance design shows they're more likely to take it.


Presentation: Promoting High Value Care and Reducing Low Value Care
UM Center for Value-Based Insurance Design shares how clinically nuanced, value-based insurance design (V-BID) can guide an evidence-based reallocation of clinical services to help achieve the Triple-Aim. This presentation took place June, 2018 during the Health System/Health Plan Value Visit in Chicago.ID_062818


Recording: Value-based Healthcare Analytics & Interoperability
Change Healthcare presents on value-based healthcare analytics & interoperability.


Presentation: Value-based Healthcare Transformation
During this presentation, Change Healthcare executives Norberto Correa and Andrei Gonzalez, MD discuss the current state of industry transformation and IT interoperability and the correlation between the two.


Presentation: Glide Path to VBR
This presentation provides guidance for health plans seeking to systematize their support for value-based reimbursement and supporting value-based care for their providers.


Presentation: Lumeris - Succeeding in Value-Based Care
This Vendor Spotlight discusses how Lumeris used its Medicare Advantage plan as a laboratory, experimenting with various approaches to identify the necessary components, both strategic and operational, to achieve 4.5 and 5 STAR ratings, reduce disenrollment, grow the plan, and be named Best in KLAS for the past two years.


Presentation: Value Based Care for Health Plans
Medicaid health plans are seeing a growing appetite for Value Based Care across the country. While each state brings its own nuance to the table, we are seeing consistent themes on a national scale.


Presentation: Case study - Flight Path to a Value Based Care Model
Passport leadership shares the details of their approach to a VBC model, including lessons learned along the way, where they are today, and their plan for the road ahead.


HealthScape Value Based Payment Survey Summary
HealthScape Advisors recently partnered with the Health Plan Alliance and several of their health plan clients to investigate drivers of success under value-based payment models. The effort included a survey with responses from more than 30 health plans to understand each organization's journey toward value-based payment.


Presentation: Johns Hopkins Case Study: Plotting out a pathway to risk
In this case study presentation at the 2017 Medicare Advantage Value Visit, Johns Hopkins leaders share their strategic vision for the organization's "pathway to risk" ? how they are laying plans and making investments to prepare the health plan for successfully administering VBP structures. Presenters discuss their pathway and its guiding principles and what elements need to be at risk. In addition, they share what they?ve identified as the fundamentals of assessing providers? risk readiness and the tools and education they are developing to support provider transformation - especially in the MA business.