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Description of Services: 1upHealth provides the healthcare industry’s most sophisticated Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) enabled health data platform for claims and clinical data acquisition, exchange, and computations. From leading health plans and state Medicaid agencies to innovative digital health organizations and top performing ACOs, over 75 health organizations rely on 1upHealth to meet evolving regulatory requirements and optimize claims and clinical data-driven initiatives. With the push towards digital quality measures, population health analytics, value-based contracts, and better healthcare experiences, the 1up managed platform helps our customers to meet the growing demands for data access and connectivity.

Primary Service: Automation, Workflow and IT Services
Secondary Service: Enterprise Data

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280 Summer St, Fl 7
Boston, MA 02210

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1upHealth Wins $1M LEAP Grant in Collaboration with Boston Children's
1upHealth announces they will be Co-Investigators in Boston Children's Hospital LEAP Grant funding project. HHS will be contributing $1,000,000 to fund this research over two years.


1upHealth Unveils FHIR® App Gallery
Whether you’re a biopharma looking for clinical trial apps, a provider interested in improving the experience for your patients, a patient who wants to easily access your data, or a payer wanting to perform population health analytics, you can find multiple apps to address your needs on the 1upHealth FHIR® App Gallery.


Introduction to FHIR
This article is meant as a FHIR® 101, or FHIR® for “dummies.” If you’re looking for more in depth content, you can jump into many other detailed FHIR® topics linked.


ONC 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule for Patients
The ONC 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule is focused on empowering patients by making it easier for them to access their electronic healthcare information. Patients will be able to allow third party apps to access their health data through a secure process called OAuth 2.


How FHIR® APIs Can Enable COVID-19 Research
During the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic fast access to EHR (Electronic Health Record) data is more important than ever. 1upHealth is offering FHIR® expertise and access to our COVID FHIR® Data sandbox on our BULK FHIR® Analytics platform.


Virtual Healthcare Conference - The Antidote
With the unfortunate cancellation of HIMSS due to coronavirus, in true startup fashion, 1upHealth took matters into their own hands and is bringing the healthcare community together. 1up is hosting the Virtual Healthcare Conference on Wednesday, March 11th, 2020, 9-5 ET.


Recording: “I’ve got a question” – Health Plans’ most pressing questions about Interoperability are answered
This session is a summary of the most frequently mentioned issues and questions about Interoperability will be examined. Experts and those who are leading the way will weigh in, provide answers, and share their experience and valuable learnings. This presentation took place August 7, 2020 during the Interoperability Micro Summit.


1upHealth Named a 'Cool Vendor in Healthcare Interoperability' by Gartner for its FHIR Platform
1upHealth was just named a 'Cool Vendor', in Gartner's Cool Vendors in Healthcare Interoperability, a publication spotlighting companies that have innovative approaches in electronic health data interoperability. In the report, Gartner says "1upHealth's FHIR Platform is the first true implementation of the ONC's intent for healthcare interoperability."


1upHealth unveils the FHIR App Gallery to showcase FHIR enabled healthcare apps to promote COVID-19 collaboration
With over 600+ applications built on the 1upHealth FHIR API platform, the company decided to launch the 1upHealth FHIR® App Gallery to make it easier to discover FHIR-based health apps.


Access to Electronic Medical Records Leveraging 1upHealth's FHIR Platform
1upHealth is a leading aggregator of patient data that created a platform for them to share medical data from external health systems in a HIPAA-compliant way. 1upHealth recently partnered with MassMutual to make it easier to access medical information necessary to underwrite clients.