• “Un-HMO-izing” and other gems from the ASO Value Visit in Chicago

    Rick Koven, Koven Consulting & Coaching
    For many plans, ASO initiatives begin as a defensive strategy. Perhaps the parent health system and maybe one or two key clients moves to self-insured. The plan does its best to retrofit its legacy HMO platform for ASO purposes as CFOs worry about the cannibalization of the fully insured book. As one participant put it, this scramble to “un-HMO-ize” isn’t always a successful long-term strategy.

  • 10 can't miss events for policy wonks

    Kristin Rodriguez, Health Plan Alliance
    The political landscape within which we're currently operating is more and more difficult to navigate. These events will not only keep you up to date, but also help you analyze the potential impacts of policy activity, and provide resources and tools to help you make the decisions that are right for your organization.

  • Being #1 isn’t always the best

    Dennis Bolin, Health Plan Alliance
    The U.S. continues to hold the #1 spot for health care spending per capita. Health Plan Alliance staff, Dennis Bolin, reviews Costa Rica's health system and suggests that when deciding on a standard level of care for Americans, the model of care and coverage exemplified by Alliance members and their affiliates is a good place to start.

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