• ASO Horizons

    Rick Koven, Koven Consulting & Coaching
    With the introduction of the AHCA the Republican Congress attempts a first step to repeal and replace (or repair) Obamacare. The weeks ahead will likely bring a tempest of twists and turns, and how it all eventually unfolds is abundantly unclear. One way or another, the individual and Medicaid markets are in for rough sailing ahead.

  • Taking the long view

    Dennis Bolin, Health Plan Alliance
    At HIMSS17, Michael Leavitt, former HHS secretary and governor of Utah, and chairman and co-founder of Leavitt Partners suggested those in the health care industry take a deep breath and take the long view.

  • Defining Value

    Cathy Eddy, President, Health Plan Alliance
    Alliance president, Cathy Eddy, shares her thoughts on "value-based” care and payment, “no regret” steps that all organizations should consider taking and upcoming opportunities for health plans to collaborate on these efforts.

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