• Being #1 isnít always the best

    Dennis Bolin, Health Plan Alliance
    The U.S. continues to hold the #1 spot for health care spending per capita. Health Plan Alliance staff, Dennis Bolin, reviews Costa Rica's health system and suggests that when deciding on a standard level of care for Americans, the model of care and coverage exemplified by Alliance members and their affiliates is a good place to start.

  • Uncertain times require unconventional leadership

    Dennis Bolin, Health Plan Alliance
    Nancy Schlichting, former CEO of Henry Ford Health System, shares her insights on issues confronting today's leaders and the characteristics she believes leaders should possess to be the most successful in steering their organizations.

  • SpringóA time of new beginnings

    Cathy Eddy, Health Plan Alliance
    At the Spring Leadership Value Visit, April 5-7, in Texas, we explored a lot of the new ideas and changes that are taking place within the healthcare and insurance industries. There is a lot we donít know about the future of our industry, but out of uncertainty springs opportunity.

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