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The online vendor directory is an important tool our member health plans use when searching for organizations like you.  

Any interested vendor may submit a profile for inclusion in the directory.  After the Alliance team has reviewed and approved the submission, your vendor profile will be included in the online directory and your employees in the individual subject matter expert list.  There is no cost associated with joining the vendor directory.  

Before submitting a new company profile, please check to see if your company is already in the directory. This helps prevent duplicate company entries.

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The ability to search our online vendor directory is a benefit of membership in the Alliance and so the information we display to the public is limited.  With this in mind, we encourage you to complete your profile as completely as possible and include your company logo and any informational brochures you would like our members to access when learning more about you and the services you offer.  

Frequently, our member plans access this directory when seeking services. We also use our vendor directory when searching for subject matter experts to support our educational programs and related activities.  We believe this is a great opportunity for you to showcase your organization to our member plans.

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Need to edit your company profile? Account administrators must Log in to the website to access the "Edit my company"  link.  If you need assistance being added to your company as an admin, contact us.